Apologetics on Fire

70% of church young people will leave the Christian faith by the time they are  23 years old.

But surveys also reveal that those churches that excel at training their young people in apologetics saw 80% or more of their young adults continuing and growing in their Christian walk past twenty-three years of age.

“Over the years, it has become increasingly clear to me that the way you spell evangelism, discipleship, missions, and Christian education in the 21st-century is ‘apologetics.’”
Dr. Richard Land

APOLOGETICS-on-FIRE Conferences are designed to equip pastors, Christian leaders, and believers in making the intellectual case for Truth, understanding the claims of Biblical Christianity and training believers to defend their faith.

“Young people can be solidly trained in Bible study and doctrine, yet still flounder helplessly when they leave home and face the secular world on their own. We need to make sure our children leave home with [the] conviction burned deeply into their minds – that Christianity is capable of holding its own when challenged in the marketplace of ideas…”
Nancy Pearcey